Martha is the Head Hen, pastry chef, and owner here at Happy Chicken Bakery. Her passion for cooking

                                 and being out in the garden started when she was a little girl on her parents' farm. She spent much of her days

                                 outside tending to the plants and animals. She also helped her parents cook family meals; many of the recipes

                                 were generations old. It wasn't until she began college that the baking and pastry field began toemerge as a     

                                 career choice.

                                      In college she studied The Baking and Pastry Arts, receiving many awards for her cakes

                                 and desserts, on both the college and professional levels. Her internship was completed the

summer of 2016 on Italy's beautiful Amalfi Coast at the 5* Luxury Resort Hotel, Santa Caterina. It was there she

learned the fundamentals of classic Italian pastries and desserts under the watchful eye and guidance of Chefs

Roberto Ricco and Domenico Cuomo. In the fall of 2016, shortly after her return to the states, she, along with 4 of

her classmates, was selected to represent the college in an international competition in Glasgow, Scotland. In

December of 2016, she successfully completed her Associates in the Baking and Pastry Arts with honors from

              Anne Arundel Community College. She then enrolled in the prestigious Institute of Culinary Education

              (ICE) in New York City, where she embarked upon a 13 week decorating course under the tutelage of

              world renowned Chef, Toba Garrett.

                   In the summer of 2015, Martha was chosen as a member of the three person culinary team representing My Thai,

              Baltimore in the Mason Dixon Master Chef Tournament. The youngest team in this annual competition, ages ranging from

              19-23, the trio knocked off challenger after challenger in this 16 team, annual "bracket" style

              timed cooking competition. In August, they found themselves in the finals and the eventual

champions. Martha was responsible for creating the "themed" desserts the team presented to the

judges. As a result of her performance she was nominated for, and ultimately received the first ever

Clark Raines Rising Star award, presented to the sous chef with the most drive and ambition. 


     Martha's desire to support local businesses, produce quality products with a farm to table theme, and

                        make people smile with creations that not only taste good, but are beautiful to the eye, continue to fuel her passion. In

                        spring 2016, Martha received her official Certified Pastry Chef (CPC) letters from the American Culinary Federation. 

                        Some fun facts about her:

                         ~ Favorite Hobbies: baking, gardening, bee keeping, riding horses, photography, trying new foods, and

                            having way too many chickens. Though she would beg to differ that last part!

                         ~ Favorite Food: steamed butter

                         ~ Favorite Dessert: her Strawberry Fields cake, or creme brulee

                         ~ Favorite Drink: pina colada!

                         ~ She's engaged to our very own Rooster in Charge! Chef Zach!

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