Lunch Hours:

       Monday: 10:00 - 1:00pm

       Tues-Fri: 10:00 - 3:00pm

       Delivery available to the local


Let's Eat!

To place an order call: 443-988-3955

Prices do not include sales tax.


Weekly Lunch Specials  
June 21 - June 25


So you can now pick up your lunch and enjoy the lovely weather.

Monday: Chipotle Ranch Wrap $8.00 

Grilled chicken with a house made chipotle ranch sauce, lettuce, tomato, and cheddar - chips or fries.​

Tuesday: Blue Dog is Back! $8.00

Our grilled cheese panini with a house made local blueberry compote - chips or fries.​

Wednesday: Turkey Salad Wrap $8.00

Cool and refreshing, delicious turkey with celery and grapes on a multigrain wrap - chips or fries.

Thursday: Banh Mi Returns! $8.00

Pork sub with house pickled cucumbers, onions, and Oksana's carrot salad all with a pineapple aioli - chips or fries.​

Friday - Chicken Falafel Pita - $8.00

Minced chicken falafel in a pita with lettuce and yogurt dressing. Served with an Israeli salad of tomato, cucumber and red onion.​

Chestertown Farmers Market (8am-Noon) - *NEW* Never worry about missing out on your Saturday morning favorites again! Pre-Order Monday-Thursday and pick up at the market.  Use this convenient link or call to place your order: Saturday Chestertown Farmers Market Pre-Order Form.

Don't forget the dessert!

Sweets change weekly, you can check them out on our Facebook page. OR, ask us about them when you call.


Salads (available in two sizes: entrée or side) 

made daily with fresh and local Red Acres Hydroponics greens.

The Henrietta: side $4.50/ entrée $8.00

This has become one of our customer favorites and for good reason.  A fresh bed of greens, served with candied pecans, dried cranberries, feta cheese, all topped with our "house" Aronia Berry Vinaigrette, made with berries grown right here in Chestertown!

Caesar: side $4.00/ entrée $7.00

A simple yet classic salad kicked up with our house made garlic parmesan croutons, parmesan cheese and our house made Caesar dressing. Want to kick it up even more? Select a protein from our options menu below 

Greek: side $5.00/ entrée $9.00

Mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, feta, Kalamata olives, red onions and Greek dressing.


*New* Southwestern: side $5.00/ entrée $9.00

Mixed greens, tomatoes, roast peppers, corn, tortillas, served with a Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette.


B.Y.O.S.: side $4.50/ entrée $8.00

Build Your Own Salad! Limited to your imagination and what we have that is market fresh.  We will start you off with a fresh bed of greens, and you can pick your three favorite toppings (excluding proteins), want more than three, no problem keep adding for just $.50 each (excluding protiens see "add-ons" below).  And don't forget about the dressing, see your choices below.

House made dressings: (extra servings available $.50)

Local Aronia Vinaigrette, Caesar, Creamy Italian, Ranch, Blue Cheese, Balsamic and Oil w/herbs, Greek, and Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette.

Salad "add-ons":  


    *New* Avocado  $1.50 

    HC farm fresh hardboiled egg  $1.00


    HC farm fresh egg salad*  $3.25


    Grilled Chicken Breast  $3.25


    HC Chicken Curry Salad*  $4.25


    Shrimp Salad*  $6.50


    Grilled Shrimp (6)  $5.00

*Check out "sides & such" and see our bulk take home options on these items.



Sandwiches w/side of fries or house made chips (unless noted)
served on our house made breads with your choice of toppings, wraps also available

House Made Breads:  Burger Bun, Old Style Crusty Bread (slightly sour), Buttermik Bread, Sub Roll, Pretzel Bread, Multigrain Crusty & *NEW* Whole Wheat - Ask about ordering fresh bread to go!

Cheese:  Cheddar, Provolone, American, Pepper Jack, Blue, Parmesan, Feta,  House Made Mozzarella & Swiss.

Toppings:  Lettuce, Tomato, onions (fried or raw), dill pickles, King mushrooms, BBQ, Buffalo, Lockbriar Ketchup, Mustard, Duke's May, Curry May, Salt & Pepper and Old Bay.

6oz. Crow Beef Burger $10.00

Lean & local black angus beef patty, lightly seasoned and grilled just the way you like it.

Grilled Chicken Breast $7.50

Lightly seasoned and grilled to perfection; don't for get your toppings!

Curry Chicken Salad $8.00

Large chunks of roasted white meat chicken are combined with celery, dried cherries and held together with a smattering of our special homemade curry dressing.

HC's Farm Fresh Egg Salad $7.00

Our farm fresh eggs combine with mayo, mustard and a touch of salt and pepper to put a "fresh" spin on this classic.

Gulf Caught Shrimp Salad $12.00

Wild caught Gulf Shrimp, with just a smidge of binder, old bay, celery and a few secret ingredients

Turkey BLT Club $9.50

One of our most popular items. Madam Merry's homemade buttermilk bread takes this classic club sandwich to a new level, combined with house roasted turkey, lettuce, tomato, Duke's mayo and local bacon its a favorite!


Classic BLT $7.50

Same as above minus the turkey!


French Dip $9.50

Slow roasted and thinly sliced Running W brisket topped with horseradish aioli, sautéed onions and a side of au jus on a house made sub roll.

*New* Salad Sampler $12.00

A scoop of our curry chicken, gulf caught shrimp and egg salads atop a bed of Red Acre Hydroponic greens!

*New*  Farmer's Market Breakfast Sandwich (for lunch) $6.00

Why wait for Saturday, our farmer's market breakfast sandwich is now available for lunch! Served on our house made biscuit with Dogwood Cheddar; and one of your favorites: scrapple, bacon or double egg.

And :



        Sweet Potato Fries + $1.00

        Side Salad + $2.00 
   Make any Gluten Free + $2.00 
   Add Bacon  $1.00 
   Add Pickle Spear  $0.50

   *New* Add Avocado - $1.50


Call for our Soup of th Day

Paninis & Soups  

Paninis hot off the press with a choice of chips or fries, ask about our soup of the day!


    *New* Cuban  $9.00

          Our Italian bread stuffed with roasted local pork, ham, mustard, swiss, and pickles and grilled to perfection.


    Pretzel Panini  $8.50

          Ham and Dogwood cheddar on our house pretzel bread with a spiced honey mustard aioli.

   Ultimate "Panini"-ed Cheese  $8.50

           Local Colby, cheddar and house made mozzarella nice and stretchy on our crusty bread!

   *New* Tuscan Chicken $9.00

           Grilled chicken, roasted peppers, house mozzarella, tomato, and fresh picked basil!

 *New* Strawberry Garden $8.50

           Strawberry, basil, and balsamic jam, with feta cheese and spinach.

Soups: 16 oz served w/house made roll  

    King Mushrooms' Hungarian Mushroom Soup  $7.00

          You don't have to wait for the Saturday Farmer's Market anymore to enjoy this local favorite. Made with their fresh 

           farm grown mushrooms with a homemade broth! 


    French Onion  $7.25

          Chef Zach's very own special recipe that you have come to love, kicked up of course with our very own house made
          Mozzarella and garlic parmesan croutons.

   Turkey Noodle  $7.50

          A robust house made broth with turkey, noodles, carrots and celery!


    Soup of the Day  $7.50

           One of our house scratch creations! Posted daily on facebook or give us a call 443-988-3955.

Sweet Potato Fries
House Made Potato Chips

Sides & Such 

Don't forget to check out our "take home" options

House Bread Choices:

   Burger Bun, Old Style Crusty, Buttermilk, Sub Roll, Pretzel Bread, Multigrain Crusty,  *NEW* Whole Wheat

Cheese Choices:

    Our Local Sources: Dogwood Lane Dairy, Chapel Creamery, Chesapeake Gold Farms

     Types: Cheddar, Provolone, American, Pepper Jack, Parmesan, Feta and House Mozzarella, Swiss

Topping Choices

   Veggies: Lettuce, tomato, onion, fried onions, dill pickles, and market fresh toppings (call for selection) 

   Condiments: BBQ, Buffalo sauce, Lockbriar Ketchup, Mustard, Duke's Mayo, Curry Mayo, Salt, Pepper, Old Bay

House made dressings: (extra servings available $.50)

   Local Aronia Vinaigrette, Caesar, Creamy Italian, Ranch, Blue Cheese, Balsamic and Oil w/herbs, and Greek.

Add-ons & Sides:  


French Fries  $2.50

House Chips   $2.50 

Sweet Potato Fries  $3.00
Dill Pickle Spear  $ .50

Extra Sauce/Dressing  $ .50

*New* Add Avocado - $1.50

Take us home for dinner!


Curry Chicken Salad 

   Pint $9.50 / Quart $18.00                       


HC's Farm Fresh Egg Salad

   Pint $8.00 / Quart $15.00                      


Gulf Caught Shrimp Salad

    Pint $15.50 / Quart $29.75 

Cream Soda Float
Ameretto Cake Slice

Drinks & Sweets 

Specialty Drinks (12oz) $2.75

   Lemonade is back!

       This refreshing treat is fresh squeezed and made to order!


    Cranberry Spritzer

       A catering favorite, ginger ale with just a splash of cranberry, very refreshing!


    Cream Soda "Float"

        Cream soda topped with a house made vanilla cream, fun and fizzy!


    Iced Tea

        Dried right here on the shore! Habanera Farm's Ceylon Black and Green Tea Blend.


     Iced Coffee

        Kent Island's own Open Sea's Captain's Choice Blend, want to kick it up, ask about our flavored creamers. 

Snapple Teas & Drinks $1.50

    Teas: Raspberry, Lemon, Peach, Mango

     Drinks: AppleMango Madness, Kiwi Strawberry

     Diet Lemon Tea

Soda (Bottled) $1.50

     Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Coke, Dr. Pepper, Sprite, Ginger Ale

      Orange Soda, Cherry Coke, Fruit Punch

      Diet: Pepsi, Coke Zero, Coke


Bottled Water $1.00




    Cookies, cakes, and more, we got 'em!

     Our sweet treats change weekly, so don't forget to ask about them when you place your lunch order.

Prices do not include sales tax.

Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

At HC we take allergens very seriously. Please alert us of any allergies within your party. We are NOT an allergen free facility.