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Our Girls

     Our hens play a very important role here at Happy Chicken; producing the fresh eggs used in many of our scratch made items. But more than that, our girls are like family and thus are the reason behind our name! What started as a high school biology project with 9 White Leghorn chicks has turned into a passion! As the saying goes, "chickens are like potato chips; you can't just have one". How true that saying is, our flock has been growing ever since.


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About Us

     With such an important job, it is our mission to make our girls life as natural and happy as possible. We start with a truly "free range" lifestyle; the coop doors are opened in the morning so they can come and go as they please, eating whatever they like by digging for grubs/bugs to scratching for seeds/grasses.  It is also no unusual to find them "sun bathing" on a warm sunny day, or wading in the water when its warm.  As the sun starts to set they return to the protection of the coop where they can continue to dine on free choice commercial laying formula and kitchen scraps or just turn in for the evening safe from nighttime predators.

      This natural lifestyle not only benefits the chickens but the farm as well by providing fertilizer and more importantly keeping the bug population down. Did you know chickens not only eat mosquitos but also TICKS! With living on the shore where Lyme disease is prevalent that alone is a reason to own a chicken...or two or three or...!

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