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Occasion Cakes
50th Anniversary Cake & Cupcakes

Need a special cake for a special occasion?  Since Chef Martha is a certified pastry culinarian it should be no surprise creating custom cakes and edibles is her passion.  Birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, christening, weddings (we have a whole section devoted to that special day), holidays, graduations, corporate milestones, certifications... Whatever the occasion Chef Martha would be happy to create a cake just for you. No matter how small or large the celebration.  Take a look at some of her previous creations and give her a call.

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Custom Birthday Cake
Naked Tiered Wedding Cake
Armadillo Grooms Cake
Christening Cake
Death by Chocolate Easter Cake
Turning 2 Carved Dino Cake
Carved Shark Cake
Custom Corporate MileStone Cake
Handcrafted Hummingbird an fres flowers tiered anniversary cake
Hand made cake decorations.
Custom Firemans Cake
Simple Elegance Elopement Cake
Tiered Anniversary Daisy Cake
Elegant Swan Occasion Cake
50+1 Birthday Cake with Hand piped roses
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