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"Flavors and Tastings"
Listed below are some of our most requested flavors, if you don't see something you fancy,

give us a holler and we will see what we can do.  

And if you aren't sure what flavors are right for you; no worries; tastings can be arranged.*



The Classics

   Vanilla (yellow or white)  *  Chocolate  *  Marble

    Red Velvet  *  Almond  *  Chocolate Chip



   Graham Cracker  *  Carrot (no nuts/raisins)  *  Funfetti

   Cinnamon/Spice  *  Banana Cake  *  Mocha



   Double Chocolate  *  Lemon  *  Orange  *  Coconut

The Ritz

   Banana Nut  *  Pistachio  *  Carrot (w/nuts & raisins)


   Strawberry  *  Blueberry  *  Pumpkin  *  Raspberry

   Apple  *  Blackberry


The Classics

   Chef Martha's house made buttercream *  Almond

   Chocolate  *  Chocolate Vanilla Swirl


   Mint  *  Rumchata  *  Mocha  *  Maple  *  Coconut

   Dark  or White Chocolate  *  Honey  *  Nutella  


   Cream Cheese: Plain, Maple or Spiced

   Mocha Amaretto  *  Marscapone  *  Caramel

The Ritz

   German Chocolate  * Butter Pecan


   Strawberry  *  Blueberry  *  Orange  *  Lemon 

   Raspberry  *  Various "creams"


Custard (vanilla or chocolate)  *  Key Lime

Citrus Curd (lemon, grapefruit, orange)

Peanut Butter  *  Ganache (milk, dark, white) 


   Cherry  *  Apple  *  Pumpkin  *  Fresh Fruit



As is typical in the bakery business, tastings are generally reserved for large specialty and wedding orders.  A small non-refundable fee is charged and credited back when the order is placed. If you give us a call we would be happy to explain our pricing structure.

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Henrietta's Favorites

Our Famous Strawberry Fields Cake

   Strawberry Cake made with fresh strawberries

   covered in a decedent strawberry cream cheese icing

Eastern Shore Many Layer Cake

   Thin layers of moist yellow cake nestled between

   layers of chocolate gananche stacked high

Almond Cake

   Luscious almond cake layered with your choice of 

   orange marmalade or cherry filling dressed with

   chocolate ganache or chocolate buttercream

White or Yellow Cake

    Layered with seasonal fresh fruit and vanilla custard

Pumpkin Cake

   Made with local fresh roasted pumpkin, layered with

   maple buttercream or maple cream cheese frosting

Graham Cracker Cake with  Key Lime Filling

Grandma's Apple Cake

   Layered with spiced cream cheese and coated with

   a drizzle of caramel

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