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Wedding Cupcakes

Cupcakes...The versatile dessert!


Over the last few years bakers and pastry chef's alike have come to appreciate the versatility of this wonderful little confection.  From the simple flavors of childhood, to the sophisticated elegance required for a formal affair, the cupcake can do it all! 

And when it comes to weddings, cupcakes are an excellent way to not only extend the budget but also add variety. With so many flavor combinations available for cakes these days, the decision can be overwhelming, so don't decide, just take them all.

And we will let you in on another secret, they make great wedding favors too!

Shown below are some of our past creations. Don't see what you are looking for, just give us a call, the possibilities are virtually endless!


Wedding Cupcakes
Weddng Cupcake Pyramid w/topprer cake
Chocolate Cupcake w/Chocolate Butter Cream
Cupcake Guest Wedding Favors
Weddng Mini CupCake Dessert Bar
Wedding Cupcake Tier
Mocha Chocolate Cupcake w/ Mocha Icing
Custom cupcake flavors avilable.

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